quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2015

What does love means to you?


What is the word love means to you?

Love is a complicated thing.
Love is just a form of god.
Love is deep.
Love means never have to say you're but i dont believe that at all cause you'll say that you're sorry. A lot. 
Love means being vulnerable
Love means love yourself first. Unconditionally love yourself you can love anything in this world. 
I think that is being able to doing something for somebody else that you normally wouldn't do because you don't wanna do but you do, but you do it anyway cause it something that they wanna do. 
Love is a powerfull thing. 
It's what makes life whorth living. 
Everything else become nothing. All that matters is that whole two hearts that expand to the infinity. 
It means in a funny way freedom. Cause freedom feels so mano feelings so deeply. 
Its look after each other and see our bests selfs. 
It's like someone you can dance about. Or someone you can sing about. Or someone you can build a building about. But i dont really feel like the words sufficient to something like that. 

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